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Naptown engine paint schemes

When you visit the layout you'll notice that some of the Naptown engines are painted in different colors and schemes. Like with the real railroads the theme changes for a fresh look. Here is a history of the paint schemes as they appear today.

Paint scheme 1:. This is the original colors of the road when it began to acquire diesel power. The colors are patterned after the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Blue body yellow striping.

Paint scheme 2A:. In the late 60's the road began to purchase second generation diesels as well as used equipment from other railroads. The decision was made to give the road a fresh look. The new paint scheme featured dark gray roof and walkways with a yellow body and black lettering.

Paint scheme 2B: During the late 70's early 80's the road decided to modify the current paint scheme in it's acquiring used diesel power from Union Pacific railroad in a lease to own arraignment. The diesels were painted in a close clone paint scheme with some minor differences along with the now standard black lettering.

Paint scheme 3:. The current paint scheme that was adopted in the early 2000's. Going to a new direction the road opted to repaint the equipment in a Olive Drab green with yellow striping and yellow lettering. Along with the new paint scheme came a new style of lettering on the engines. After the road asked the employees to pick the new style from the large group to choose from the NWR has evolved into a clean modern look.

Railfans have been busy capturing photos of Naptown equipment as one can still catch a glimpse of the all four paint schemes from the well wore early diesels still in use as backup and occasionally secondary tracks to the second and third generation diesels grinding out their daily chores to the modern units with the long coal or freight drags roaring down the mains. Sometimes it's a colorful sight seeing what power might come around the next bend.

Soon they'll be new pictures of all the different paint schemes posted.


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