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NWR Grand Re-Opening!!

Friends of the NWR, Have you missed us? After over a year, we are finally excited to announce our return to our regular shows, AND our GRAND REOPENING since our incident last year! Our first event will be Saturday, June 19th, 2021 for the annual Father's Day Openhouse and Yard Sale Show

The Event will be from 10a-3pm at our Clubhouse. The Address is 1115 McDougal St. Indianapolis, IN. Admission is FREE. I already have confirmations for two of our regular vendors and hope to hear from some others! The Event will be mostly outside, so dress for the weather. We WILL be following Marion County health guidelines; the show is still 2 months out but right now, please plan on wearing a mask. This will be the first time many of you will have seen our hard work restoring the layout since the break-in and we are excited to show off our progress so far. Still lots to do but we are looking forward to you all getting to see it!

Interested in setting up as a Vendor? Please RSVP! There is no cost, we are not providing tables and the event is outside, so please bring your own tables and or shade.

Can't make it on Saturday? We will be resuming our Monday Night Openhouses starting June 21st! Until then, we will continue to only be open to current and prospective members, so hang in there a little longer. Hoping to see you soon!


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