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Look back at our Re-Opening Celebration

Our Grand Re-Opening and Yard Sale Show on June 19th was a grand success, Thank You to everyone who gambled on the weather, came out and supported us! I was watching the radar forecasts all night and that morning; and everything pointed to it clearing up but we were going to run it down to the wire. Fortunately, it cleared up just in time, although our friends down south had a heck of a day with flooded interstates and dealing with the storms from the night before. We estimate between 50-70 people throughout a beautiful day, including lots of giggling kids and smiling adults alike. Trains were run, money was spent, food was eaten, and we have welcomed four new Probationary Members into the fold. Truth be told, I wasn't sure what to expect for a small informal show such as this, but I and the club couldn't be happier. Below are the few pictures I was able to grab through the day; I had hoped for more but with as many people and things going on, and wanting to be careful about kids in pictures it didn't happen. If you didn't make it by and are itching to see what we have been up to for the last year, then please come on by on Monday or Thursday nights!

Grillmaster Ray had the Hotdogs rearin' to go right from the jump. No waiting for food at this cookout!

Clubmember Andrew York surveys the wares as Steve, Duane, Paul, and Dennis set up their Sales Tents. Trevor Jones also arrived after I took this shot

Sales were in Full Swing for most of the afternoon, and very rarely did I ever see more than one table not being perused.

And a shout out to our patient neighbors, as we had the block full with no complaints. If only IDPW would fill those swimming pools in the road...


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