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Trackside photos

We are starting a new segment devoted to pictures and video clips from railfans along the NWR tracks.

Early morning at the Naptown yard. Engine 1115 in the 2B paint scheme leads a trio of power heading to East Bend. The second engine 1111 is Ex-Detroit Edison the third engine 1456 is a Ex-GM Demonstrator. Both engines still sport their former road colors. Both have been patched and the NWR shield is on both ends.

We find the trio waiting for a green signal to proceed.

On the Monon sub a local is spotted crossing the bridge near LaSalle. The Monon sub is a busy line with all the coal from Miller's mine. The local sneaks around coal trains on its way to Bedford.

This photo was taken showing foreign power on the NWR. The Columbus and Eastern railroad SD-9 was on loan to the NWR. Here it's seen coming by Miller station on it's way to East Bend.


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