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Tree Fest on the NWR

In the upcoming months we'll be posting images of the different areas on the layout that have been repopulated with trees and show the comparisons from pre-breakin, post-breakin and current recovery of the layout. Along with images we'll also include tips and suggestions on how to build scenery and trees for your layout. So stayed tuned and check back with us here and follow the updates to the NWR layout.

Okay happy campers an update: pictures. The fall scene is the end of the aisle next to Possman the summer scene is in front of Possman and it also shows the approach to the tunnel that leads to Cementville. Next will be pictures of Lockwood Junction and east side of Naptown. A side note, during the clean up after the break-in there were just over 1,400 trees removed from the entire layout. Currently over 1,500 have been installed to date and an estimated 1,500-2,000 more will be installed before the rebuild is complete.

The Treemeister


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