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Located behind the enginehouse is a small stoplight community that, like most towns of its size, ended up swallowed by the growing city of Naptown. Nowadays, there's not much going on in town. The old freightouse was consolidated into Naptown's downtown with the advent of better roads, replaced by a coal dealer. a satillite REA office still lingers in a shopping mall. It is however, owing in part to its location directly behind the roundhouse, a popular spot for work crews to grab lunch at in the Diner. Named after late member JC Ratcliffe, a father figure and good friend to any and all who knew him.

Note: After the 2020 break in, much of the scenery was cut out. A new expanded engine facility will take its place...

Hill scenery by JC Ratcliffe, town layout by JC and Steve Handly, OL King & Sons coal and ramp by Christian Hostetler with minor assistance by Morgan Davis (hand me this... ;)

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