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Because Model Railroading is FUN! For any age, in any scale. 


With a few modern exceptions, Most children and adults with interests in trains Got the bug, or cemented their interests in trains, and steam, through Thomas. Be they the original stories from the 1960s, the wildly popular television series and movies, or the toys you yourself could drive.


But of course, young hands and fragile trains don't easily mix, and a vast majority of modular layouts sit behind velvet ropes-- we are one fo the few who will actively offer a guest at a train show to run on a module or test a locomotive before buying-- and most modular layouts sit at four and a half feet high or more, a good viewing height for adults, but it leaves the children looking at table legs and wires. 

So, we built this. From donated 2x4ft modules on 2ft legs, this "L" shaped wooden train layout was designed for young engineers in mind. No electricty, no fancy parts, just good old fashioned hand-driven fun. It's only had one show on it, but was a big hit that one time.



Thomas Train Tables are of course not a new thing, but to buy one, yeesh! This table consists of a 2x4 sheet of mason board on a 1x4 frame (pme module is actually slightly off, blame the carpenter ;). Square dowels on 1x4 legs re-inforce the footing, and velcro-hung skirting keeps the underside out of view. The track is nailed down, and foam lines the underside of the module to hide nail points where they come through the wood, although it would be far better for anyone wishing to build their own to use a cutting disk and simply cut the nails off and we'll get around to this soon. Like any modular railroad, there's plenty of fun to be had in expanding, although for no bigger than the intended audience, no need to get crazy with the track plan. 

Track, characters, lumber donated by Morgan Davis. Benchwork built by Morgan and Kyle Davis (Father) for private layout and donated for use. Track design built by Morgan Davis with assistance from several younger members, fbased on several of Rev. Audry's personal OO scale British layouts. Thomas and Friends are licensened products and used here in Good Faith, and are not the zintellectual property of the Naptown and White River. We're just promoting the hobby. So please don't sue us... please? 

Update: In January 2020, Members chose to donate the layout to a family. This page is left for posterity. 

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