The primary layout within the club is our 40ftx60ft twice through HO scale layout with a single double-ended staging yard at one end. Additionally, the layout posesses two reversing loops, allowing two trains to circle largely unattended without ever crossing paths. The smallest radius on the layout is 30" on the mainline, averaging 34", with primarily #6 switches.   The layout operates on Digitrax DCC. DC operation is welcome under a cab number of #00. We are also able to run trains via Smartphone, via WiThrottle (Apple) or EngineDriver (Android) 

 This layout is the second in the club's iteration and almost forty years old at its heart. Parts of the layout have been built and several times.   Currently, there is no governing signal system, only individual block detection through parts of the layout. Protoypical Operations are held intermittently, and members are permitted and encouraged to come down and run trains at any point in time they like, provided they take care of the layout. 





On a "Twice Through" layout, a train traverses a folded over loop that passes through a "scene" twice before returning to its original start point. Usually, this is done on multiple levels, sometime alternating, and sometimes one level of track either "concealed" within the scenery of another, or incorporating one section as the fore- or background of the other. This does not however mean a train HAS to run a complete loop, thanks to several reversing loop sections, and several yards with facilities to turn and terminate trains, an engineer can run between any points they wish.


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